I like to put special mentions to some people that I found very inspiring.


I met Lluis in Australia. We were both studying for our MBA. I was a full-time student at the Melbourne Business School, he was an exchange student from Spain. After finishing our course, he said he would be visiting Indonesia for about a month. I thought he was just another one of those “bule” tourist, visiting Bali to do some surfing, shopping and sun-bathing. It turned out he did that and some more. He visited Jakarta (quite a rarity). He even visited Kalimantan (this is even more unusual), but he was not there for relaxing–he took an overland trip from the west coast to the east coast. This was surprising to me. That was not something that ordinary people would do. I have never met anyone who have done that before. Kalimantan is an island of dense tropical forest and terrible roads. I know–I lived there for 4 years.


As if that cross-Kalimantan trip was not enough, he took another, more amazing challenge: Walking from Bangkok to Barcelona !!!


If you want to know more about his journey, take a look at  bangkokbarcelonaonfoot.com or on www.instagram.com/bangkokbarcelonaonfoot.


Another one is the now famous Indohoy pair–Mumun and Vira. I met these two girls on a trip to Jakarta’s Old City during the Lunar New Year. I was there to see the unique heritage of Indonesia’s overseas Chinese community. But I found that what Mumun and Vira was doing even more amazing. They leave their ordinary jobs to focus on their travel website. And they are highly successful.


Just take look at  indohoy.com and www.instagram.com/indohoy and you’ll know what I mean.