A glimpse of ancient Indonesia. It is just hours away from its most modern metropolis.



Borobudur. Kuta. Keraton. Bunaken. These are familiar names for all Indonesians. They are amazing places that invite us to come and have wonderful experiences. But Gunung Padang? Only a few people are familiar with it. Many even think that it is a mountain near the City of Padang in West Sumatera (“gunung” means mountain). Many of my fellow Jakartans frowned at the idea of traveling there (they would respond: too far away, I have no vacation days left, it’s expensive, etc.)


The truth is, Gunung Padang is not that far away from Jakarta. It can be visited in a one-day trip and obviously, won’t need that much money to enjoy and explore. When Jakartans take a trip to the heavily-visited holiday destination of Puncak, they don’t realize that they are actually halfway to Gunung Padang.

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