In my life, I have traveled to various places and meet different people.

Each of those places have stories to tell. And, if we are patient enough to deal with their unique characters, we might discover hidden stories and charms that would keep us coming back for more.

I created this website to record those travels and interactions with the many people and places of the world. The Storybooks section contains stories about them, how the places speak to us in their own voices and reveal their secrets. They are records of my travel across the world and, especially, around my home country–the Remarkable and Wonderful Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago and one of the most diverse countries on the globe. The Photobooks is a collection of pictures taken from my many travels. The Fellow Travelers section provide acknowledgement and links to the websites of the people who inspired me, my travel buddies or other travelers that I met along the way.


– Indra Permadi –

Jakarta, 2017